Founded over 100 years ago, Constructors is Nebraska’s oldest asphalt and concrete paving company.  If you’re a Nebraskan and drive on city roads, highways or the interstate; it’s likely that we paved it.  We use all of our own aggregates from our facilities, plants and quarries, which means that we can maintain a higher level of quality control.

Some recent notable projects include the various parts of Interstate 80 (I-80) between Lincoln and Omaha, the Lincoln airport (LNK), Antelope Valley Project and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln track next to Memorial Stadium, both in Lincoln, Nebraska, Brenner Field Airport in Falls City, Nebraska, Haymarket Ballpark Trail, and Indian Cave State Park complete paving project.  Beyond these large projects, we also assist smaller Nebraska towns in finishing or refinishing all of their streets, sidewalks and intersections within their city limits.  This brings new life to these towns, and can also help increase tourism and commerce in which we take great pride.

We also take great care to protect our environment, especially in regards to rural development areas.  Products and aggregates are never dumped or wasted after projects.  Everything gets used, reused or recycled into future projects.  We value our green spaces and community, and want to make sure it flourishes for future generations.


Constructors provides professional general contracting services.  We don’t just build roads, we build relationships and provide our growing city and community with a wide variety of services across numerous industries.


Constructed using only the highest grade of materials, our concrete roads, bridges and structures stretch across the plains, unifying the far reaches our great state and benefiting the travelers who have used our transportation system since 1908.


Since the purchase of our first asphalt plant in 1911 we’ve been connecting Nebraska and its neighbors on all borders for over a century.  Priding ourselves on quality and service founded by an expert and highly trained team.


Constructors civil construction services range from sidewalks and parking lots to complete neighborhood developments and county-wide repaving campaigns.  No project is too small or too big for our experienced and growing team.

“Few men were more energetic and diligent in business than George Abel.  He was on the job earlier in the morning and later at night than any man in his employ.  Hours meant nothing.  In the summer when paving activities were at the height, he was up with the sun, taking note of progress that had been made, supervising details, and familiarizing himself with all details.  Long after the sun had gone down, he still was at work…”

George P. Abel, Sr.

Constructors Founder, (Above Quote: Lincoln Journal Star Article from January 1937)