“Over the last 20+ years I’ve worked in the infrastructure construction industry, working all over North America, supervising jobs ranging from $2 million dollars to $500 million dollars. I joined the Constructors team in 2015, and I’m proud to say that I call Constructors and NEBCO home. The company’s strong family values and rich Nebraska traditions really appealed to my family. The biggest asset I bring to the Constructors team is encouraging the growth and development of talent already in our organization and recruiting others outside our organization to make us stronger! I look forward to installing a more entrepreneurial spirit within the organization. This type of spirit will drive creativeness and competitiveness throughout Constructors and its job teams. We will encourage everyone to make work fun every day and build a TEAM approach every day. Embrace the past and Attack the future. ”

Ted Butler, Constructors President



Constructors’ Superintendent – Concrete
29 Years at Constructors


Constructors’ Superintendent – Asphalt
13 Years at Constructors

George P. Abel, Sr.
Few men were more energetic and diligent in business than George Abel. He was on the job earlier in the morning and later at night than any man in his employ. Hours meant nothing. In the summer when paving activities were at the height, he was up with the sun, taking note of progress that had been made, supervising details, and familiarizing himself with all details. Long after the sun had gone down, he still was at work . . .
George P. Abel, Sr., Constructors Founder (Above Quote: Lincoln Journal Star Article from January 1937)