Founded over 100 years ago, Constructors is Nebraska’s oldest asphalt and concrete paving company. If you’re a Nebraskan and drive on city roads, highways or the interstate; it’s likely that we paved it.

Some recent notable projects include the various parts of Interstate 80 (I-80) between York and Omaha and the Lincoln airport (LNK). Beyond these large projects, we also assist smaller Nebraska towns in finishing or refinishing their streets, sidewalks and intersections within their city limits. This brings new life to these towns, and can also help increase tourism and commerce in which we take great pride.

We also take great care to protect our environment, especially in regards to rural development areas. Products and aggregates are rarely dumped or wasted after projects. Everything gets used, reused or recycled into future projects. We value our green spaces and community, and want to make sure it flourishes for future generations.


When it comes to asphalt, no one knows it better than we do with over a century of experience in paving. Constructors is dedicated to its projects and the use of asphalt by developing and delivering enhanced quality and excellence in all aspects of asphalt technology.Asphalt, or bitumen, is a form of petroleum that is black, sticky and highly viscous. Used as a binding agent or “glue” and mixed with aggregate (stone, sand, and gravel), it makes asphalt-concrete, the material mainly used in asphalt paving for road construction. Asphalt-concrete (or commonly just called Asphalt) is made up of 3-6% asphalt-bitumen and 94-97% aggregate (stone, sand, and gravel).

Asphalt paving is around one-third the cost in comparison to concrete paving. It is also a faster process and is more convenient for the public, especially with regards to roads and highways. With asphalt, paving can happen on one side of the highway or road at a time, allowing traffic to still travel on the roadside opposite construction. Asphalt is also fast curing so typically traffic can begin to travel on the asphalt surface the same day that installation has been completed. Asphalt is also extremely quiet and smooth when driven on, measuring the lowest in noise in comparison to all other pavement surfaces.


Our first concrete paving contract was in 1910, paving 6 blocks on ‘O’ Street in Lincoln, NE next to Wyuka Cemetery, so it’s safe to safe we know a thing or two about concrete. In fact, we are Nebraska’s oldest paving company.

At Constructors, a lot of the aggregate in our concrete comes from our own quarries and the concrete is mixed in our own production facilities. In comparison to asphalt; concrete takes about 3 times longer to pave and complete, but is also about 4 times stronger.

Beyond roadways, highways and interstates we specialize in virtually any size of project including basketball courts, parking lots, bike paths, sidewalks, curbs and driveways. No project is too small, and no task is too big for our team of over 200 dedicated and specialized workers, superintendents, project managers, engineers and team leaders.


Over the years, Constructors, Inc. has become one of Nebraska’s most notable bridge construction contractors, specializing in everything from deck and surface pours to the installation of expansive bridge girders.

At Constructors, Inc. we work closely with the Nebraska Department of Transportation to ensure safety, that regulations are followed properly, and pride ourselves on our engineering, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Working in conjunction with area general and civil contractors, our strong ability to provide turnkey, time critical infrastructure projects will ensure that bridge projects stays on schedule and result in the highest quality possible.

Click here to check out some of our recent bridge projects across Nebraska.


Constructors has extensive experience working on heavy highway and transportation projects in Lincoln, Nebraska and surrounding Southeastern Nebraska communities as a general contractor. This includes overseeing projects such as bridges, expressways, interstates, highways and interchanges. As the general contractor for your construction project, we know our reputation is on the line, so we work with only the most talented and trustworthy subcontractors in the area.

We work closely with the engineer, architect and owner or local governing representative during the construction phase to ensure that everything is going according to plan, will be completed on time and that any changes are handled smoothly.

With our 100+ years of experience and thousands of completed projects over the decades, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your project is being lead by an experienced and passionate team.


Constructors specializes in civil construction and engineering projects that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance including works like roads, intersections, bridges and interchanges. This includes construction engineering and transportation engineering and construction. Construction engineering involves planning and execution, transportation of materials, site development based on environmental, structural and geo-technical engineering. Transportation engineering is concerned with moving people and goods efficiently, safely, and in a manner conducive to a vibrant community. This involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining transportation infrastructure which includes streets and highways.

Our project catalog and experience ranges from small urban concrete and asphalt specialty projects, flood control projects, notably the Antelope Valley project in Lincoln, Nebraska to hundreds of miles of interstate construction, paving and maintenance.


Below are some of the clients we’ve worked with over the recent past years, mainly in the Lincoln area and other larger cities and towns from the southeastern Nebraska areas.
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At Constructors, we take great pride in our community, environment and the planet. On average our asphalt aggregate mixtures contain around 20-50% recycled asphalt. This means that less aggregates are being taken from the earth and old asphalt roads and parking lots are being re-purposed into new surfaces . . .