Asphalt Paving  |  2021

As part of Nebraska’s “Go Big” Athletic Facility project, the Ed Wier Running Track is being replaced with a new outdoor track located north of the Bob Devaney Sports Center. Nemaha Sports Construction, Inc. subcontracted Constructors to perform the asphalt portion of the new track. The new track required 6” of asphalt pavement, amounting to more than 5,000 tons. The smoothness tolerance on a project like this is very tight, requiring a maximum 1/8” deviation, using a 10-foot straight edge. This type of precision asphalt paving is very difficult. Therefore, Constructors’ paving team used stringless pave control to successfully construct a precision pavement for the new running track. By meeting these stringent requirements, the track qualifies to certify world records if one would be set. After a curing period, the track will be coated with a polyurethane elastomer surface in ‘Husker Red’ that will make the track one of the top-rated running tracks in the nation!